Fall Casual

The leaves are changing, and this past week we linked up with Cameron Newman to supply some outfits for his senior pictures. We decided to go for a couple different looks. First off, we started with a classic blue button up. This should be a staple in any guy's wardrobe. This paired well with the grey chinos and black wingtip boots. It's a great outfit for any day of the week.

Next with outfitted him with some blue jeans and a dark grey t-shirt. The coat on top really pulled the reds out of the scenery around him and made for a great accent piece on this fall day. It became functional too, as it started to rain later in the day!

In this last look, we took the same pants as before, and added a matching sweatshirt. This creates a monotone look thats very in right now. We also, borrowed the jacket from the second look and matched those with some boots of the same color. Simple color blocking like this can really pull together an outfit.

Wyatt Newman