Spring Camping

Spring has finally arrived and we are more than ready for it! What we are most excited about here at Newman & Co., is camping season! While it’s still in the cooler weather times towards the beginning of May, it’s the perfect time to be out camping and exploring. 

Flannels and plaid are always the go-to for camping and sitting around the fire. While there are many different styles, our favorite is the quintessential red flannel. Always having your go-to shirt around when traveling and camping is nice for when it gets cold at night and it is time to gather around the fire. 

Boots, in the spring? Oh yeah. Boots are always great for camping and exploring. We love the Red Wings boots because these are sturdy for walking around in the woods and at the same time, very fashionable. They last forever and wear in to form to your foot. 

And don’t forget about the hats. This is another one of our favorite outdoor trends. Keeping the sun out of our eyes, yet still looking great. Pairing a hat with your flannel and jeans is always a good look for being outdoors. Stetson, Bailey and Barbour are just a few of the brands that we carry at Newman & Co.

Another trend that can be great for camping with friends is layering. When the temperature drops in the evening, you can still look good while feeling warm by throwing on another shirt or jacket. Wearing a long-sleeve denim shirt over a t-shirt is bound to keep you warm and still looking stylish. 

Blue is the color for spring, mixing a light blue t-shirt with dark pants for camping by the water. Or a dark colored t-shirt with a pair of khaki shorts and light tennis shoes for deep woods camping. Joggers are a fun pair of pants to wear as well. Keeping it light, but still warm for those chilly mornings while drinking coffee by the fire. Fashion this spring should be kept light and simple with a bit of layering.